Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Pilgrimage - Guinness at St. James Gate

Note : Before I even begin this post I would like to bring to your attention that I do not consider myself worthy enough, talented enough, or competent enough to review the Guinness Stout. This is just a narrative of my experience at the Guinness Brewery in Dublin.

There once lived a man called Arthur Guinness in the Kingdom of Ireland, he was the king of awesomeness and as a gift to the world he made Guinness Dry Stout at the St. James' Gate Brewery in Dublin. He was so awesome that he leased this humongous property for 9000 years at a princely sum of £45 a year, applicable till date. The first shipment out of this brewery were 6 and a half barrels of stout to England. Today the brewery makes 82.9 million hectolitres of the black stuff in 50 million barrels.

Osama's Nailed It..

The Guinness Storehouse (read as: the brewery tour) is a 7 storeyed extravaganza chronicling the history of the founder of this great beverage and of the brewery itself. It takes you through the various processes in making the Guinness though you only get glimpses of the actual brewing process. There is a part in the tour where a small shot glass of Guinness comes to you on a conveyor belt, its not fully ready to be served its still work in progress but it comes on a frickin conveyor belt !!! :D Also you get to taste the malted barley before it is processed, that way every time you drink your pint you can very easily break down the taste into its constituents and if you're cool enough you'll even be able to figure out whether your Guinness has been adulterated or served stale.

At the end of the tour is the 360 degree bar at the top floor where you can claim your complimentary Guinness. Its the end of your journey and all you have is your pint and your liver. The pretty lil bartender(ess) does the whole 6 step Guinness pouring business, but it doesn't matter that she's a 36 double D, "Give me the godamneeed pint already". It comes to you, the temptation of gulping it down on the frickin spot. But no you must let it settle, for at least 3 minutes. So you take your glass to the table and wait for the ruby red to shimmer through the glass. And then you take the sip.

On a rainy winter day, the grey Dublin becomes Arthur's Wonderland. Its pure ecstacy you feel at the top. All you can do is smile. Though to be fair, this wasn't the best Guinness I have tasted. That title goes to the Temple Bar in Dublin.

Guinness Fact : Poor Students in London are known to substitute a pint of Guinness for meals on a number of occasions. Guinness is good for you, seriously!

Link : http://www.guinness-storehouse.com/en/Index.aspx


  1. Awww Mihir you're killing me all over again with this post!It's still my dream trip to go to Dublin only to drink my favorite beer of all time!Actually now that I think of it, I think Guinness is my favorite beverage ever.
    Good writing by the way keep up the good work darling :)

  2. Great page, your bring back all the memories. Good times!!!!