Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Death of Our Little Neighbourhood Pub - Sea View

I think I was about 8 when I first stepped into Sea View. My dad would go there often for beer and fish. The place by itself was not much to write home about. Plastic Neil Kamal Chairs with creaky wooden tables with London Pilsner table sheets on them. What was in fact the most awesome part about this place was, actually as the name suggests, the sea view.

In college Sea View was kind of on the expensive side so was reserved only for special dates with the lady love. A big bottle of KF (650ml) would cost about Rs 200/- add to that a plate of sausages and chips a sum total of Rs 400/- is a pinch worthy amount for cash strapped college goers. Well but it was a great place to escape to while half your class was at 'Mocha'S' on the other side of the road.

It was one of the few places in Mumbai where you could have a sunset beer without having to sell your wife and kids as slaves to evil 'lounge' owners (Aurus, Vie..) when it came to paying the bill. Juhu Beach may not be the most virgin of beaches but well its such an integral part of my existence I just don't judge it. So sitting on a table facing the sunset with relatively affordable beer while taking in the breeze was as good as it could get on Juhu Tara Road...

...Untill the HDIL Group bought out a whole chunk of land right in front of my house to build a 5 star apparently for the Hilton Group. Sea View obviously got a fuckload of money for clearing the land. And they did. This place was sacred in a very private way as only very close mates got introduced to it through me. The staff was usually friendly; they were a bunch of savage salesmen though. But as long as they were tolerant of our smoking habits we didn't mind calling for the occasional prawn tikka.! Fuck I even had my first business meeting there.

Ahh well, the departure of this place is a sign of things to come, another eyesore of a 5 star and traffic hell in Juhu that will cost you on an average 5 days to cross each time you wanna cross this strip of land.

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